Saturday Special: In conversation with Autandrila Chakroborty

Saturday Special: In conversation with Autandrila Chakroborty

Autandrila Chakraborty, a rising star! She is showing her talent fantastically on both sides as singing and dancing! She is from Chittagong, Bangladesh. Today, Autandrila shares her dreams with Iffat Ara Munia.

“I’ve been hungry for creativity since my childhood. I’ve started my musical journey at the age of 5 when I barely could talk. We had a harmonium at our home and my mother used to teach me how to play. Later on, I got musical training from Ms. Mrinalini Chakraborty and then Mr. Subrata Das Anuj. And if you’re asking about my dancing, I would say, I’m a self-taught dancer. I never got to train myself by a professional dancer. I dance from my passion and love to do it.

Recently, Autandrila released a song the title of the song is “Hridoyer Canvas”. She said, “I didn’t get to record it in the studio because of the pandemic situation. Just posted a raw cover with guitar. If the situation gets better, hopefully, the official version will be released soon.”

“Other than this, she also has plenty of covers on her YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Here is one of the links to her popular cover songs:

Talking about ambitions, Autandrila said,

“now I have only one ambition and that is to secure myself a stable position in the music industry. This has been a life-long dream. And I’m working hard to fulfill this dream.”

“I want to spread positivity and peace in society through my music. I hope that people will listen to my voice and be genuinely happy, my voice will make them smile. And I wish that day comes soon,” Autandrila added.

Autandrila Chakroborty

Besides singing and dancing, Autandrila also worked and has been working under many non-profit organizations like Youth Opportunities, National Business Olympiad, CKH Network, etc. Also, she is a core team member of a charity organization named The Project.

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