Same Old Same Old

No Party For Cao Dong

Artist: No Party for Cao Dong

Same Old Same Old is the new single by Taiwan rock band, No Part for Cao Dong and by the sound of it it’s already had a great response since a livestream on RPG. Same Old has a soothing, 70’s sounding melodic rhythm to it and along with its lyrics creates the perfect tranquil musical landscape. 

The song is made up with the smooth blending of both classic blues and guitar riffs with a high point of musical intensity that just waits in the wings to be discovered so it can whoosh into the ears. 

The band teased the track back in May of this year and it has since gone on to gain lots of attention, and is also a must for all rock lovers and fans out there. Lyrically, the song tells a story of how one of the only predictable things about life is just how unpredictable it can be. 

The video that accompanies this song on the band’s YouTube channel depicts a four-part video story in which each of the band plays a character and the audience themselves became a character. The video itself was an interactive multi-choice one. 

Either way this track is one for the playlist and for a song that it just over three minutes long is worthy of a listen. Wood Lin, Chu Chu, Sam Yang and Fan Tsai of No Party for Cao Dong are four people to keep a listen out for.