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Protest against Pension scheme in France!

Over two-million people protested against President Emmanuel Macron’s attack on pension scheme. On Saturday, protester too the streets to protest against this attack on their basic rights.

Half-a-million alone marched through the streets of Paris. The French government has said that 963,000 people have marched in total to create pressure on government to back down the pension scheme. People marched through Lille, Nice, Marseille, Toulouse, Nantes and many more cities.

France people disrupt transport against pension reform.
France people protest against pension scheme

Why is the Demonstration?

As an illustration, people marched because to oppose to government’s plans to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. Protesters who were not able to attend the previous three days of action, were held on weekdays. Next Protest is planned to be held on February 16.

What people have to Say?

Students have said that: “with rising inflation, soaring electricity prices, this reform will impact our families”. The protest are being held as a matter of fact to voice the publics concern over the scheme. Many demonstrators have said from the capital’s Place de la Republique that, “I don’t want my parents to die at work”.

People in France march against pension scheme.
Protest against Pension scheme in France

What do Government have to say?

Mr. Macron has called the reforms “indispensable” for the survival for the country’s pension system. The government have plans to increase the age of retirement by 2030. Macron has repeatedly told French people that they “need to work more”. This scheme aims to transform France and overhaul its social model and welfare system.

French Unions have threated to cause a nationwide shutdown if the plans are not scrapped immediately. The union also said that, “if the government continues to remain deaf then the inter-union grouping will call for France to be shut down”. French Communist party general secretary further have claimed that the government must respect the legitimacy of the world of work and of those who rise up against their reform. WhatsOn stands in solidarity with the people of France!

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