PM Hasina urges to combat COVID-19 together

PM Hasina urges to combat COVID-19 together
PM Hasina urges to combat COVID-19 together

PM Hasina has called upon the nation to strictly follow the social distancing measures and health protocols to combat the second wave of the pandemic. Anika Khan reports.

  • In a video conference with the secretaries and Awami league leader at the Party Headquarter, PM Hasina collectively urged everyone to fight against Covid-19.  
  • PM Hasina said that the government has pre-ordered over 10 billion taka worth of vaccines. She urged everyone to remain vigilant during these difficult times.
  • She said that under her governance, she has ensured health services to reach the farthest regions of Bangladesh.
  • This pandemic proved that Bangladesh has all the necessary health facilities and shown that treatment is possible in this country.
  • She urged party activists to strengthen the grassroots organizations.
  • At the doorstep of winter, health officials have warned about the spike in infection rate.
  • The law-enforcement agencies of Bangladesh have tightened supervision to ensure masks are mandatory in public places.
  • The death toll in Bangladesh has reached 6388 on Sunday.
  • The country has witnessed 38 more deaths from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours.
  • Bangladesh has logged more than 447,341 coronavirus cases.
  • According to Worldometer, Coronavirus has claimed over 1,390,000 lives and infected 58,585,913 people worldwide.

PM Hasina said, “We need to be on our guard more than ever now and strictly follow the health regulations…Everyone must wear masks, without exception.”