‘The Salt In Our Waters’ to play at SGIFF 2020

'The Salt In Our Waters' to premiere at SGIFF 2020
'The Salt In Our Waters' to premiere at SGIFF 2020

Singapore International Film Festival 2020 is going to play some of the best films submitted from all around the world. Debut director Rezwan Sumit’s ‘The Salt in Our Waters’ made the list from Bangladesh.

The Salt in Our Waters is directed by Rezwan Sumit. Set on the Ganges Delta, Sumit’s debut feature the exquisite nature of this South-Asian country. The film stars Titas Zia, Tasnova Tamanna, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Ashok Bepari, and Dulari Tahim

The movie follows the story of a sculptor named Rudro who travels to a remote fishing village in Bangladesh. His sole purpose was to find inspiration for his figurative craft. There he falls in love with a local landlord’s daughter, named Tuni.

When the villagers find about their affair, they show strong detest and comes in between the two. Simultaneously a natural disaster disrupts the lives of the fishing village, destroying Rudro’s sculptures.

Can one’s god temper an increasingly volatile climate? Amidst exquisite cinematography framed by open waters, the film gradually intensifies as the characters find their respective shores to survive.

The movie explores the conflict between modernity and spiritual beliefs and portrays the ravages that storms both physical and social can bring with it.

Watch the trailer of The Salt in Our Waters below:

When> Nov 29

To purchase Tickets: The Salt in Our Waters | Singapore International Film Festival (sgiff.com)