Parijat Moumon’s solo concert at ‘Jatra Biroti’

Parijat Moumon's solo concert at 'Jatra Biroti'
Parijat Moumon's solo concert at 'Jatra Biroti'

For the first time, Parijat Moumon is playing in a solo guitar concert! It’s also going to be the first-ever solo jazz and flamenco guitar concert in Bangladesh. He is a guitarist, composer, and educator based in the Rhein-Main area of Germany. He will be playing some jazz standards, free improvisation, original compositions, and traditional flamenco at Jatra in Banani.

Pari’s Solo Guitar Premiere

13 Jan 2022

Jatra Biroti, an art-inspired music lounge and event space located in the capital of Bangladesh. A locally sourced organic, vegan and vegetarian restaurant. It hosts musical events that promote folk and upcoming artists of Bangladesh. Jatra Biroti also arranges musical workshops and creative events for children. Biroti produces unique collaborative albums with some of Bangladesh’s most vibrant and talented folk and contemporary artists. It’s an open forum for artists from around the world. The ticket price for the show is 500 BDT and the gates open at 7 PM.

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