Over 10 Million downloads in two weeks for ‘Fall Guys’

Over 10 Million downloads in two weeks for 'Fall Guys'
Over 10 Million downloads in two weeks for 'Fall Guys'

New release Fall Guys has taken the streaming and YouTube world by storm, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon. Fall Guys was released on the 4th August by Devolver Digital and Mediatonic and are currently only available on a console exclusive with PS4 alongside a PC release. Libby Sparks reports.

It’s frustrating yet addictive nature that comes with a challenge game like this is what has caused it to gain over 100k consistent players in just a week of its existence. Grab, sprint and tumble your way through a series of obstacles and challenges to be the last little bean standing in the latest game that has seen gameplay rack up millions and millions of

The physics and graphics of the game are unique, yet it is enticingly bright and colorful. It is suitable for all age ranges and abilities due to its simplicity, leading to it being downloaded by pro-gamers and young amateurs alike. It is fast-paced and knows how to draw in an audience, as its viewing figures on platforms such as Twitch demonstrate that it is almost just as fun to watch your favorites play, as it is to play it yourself.

Multiplayer is currently the only way to play with friends, yet there is something about the old style gameshow dynamic of the game that means it can be played just as enjoyably by yourself. With its success, Twitter has been flooded with calls for more platforms and the introduction of cross-platform gameplay, but there is yet to be any news on this. This is definitely a game to keep your eye on.
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