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OK GO Release New Track ‘All Together Now’

All Together Now is the new single by American band, OK GO, and is inspired by both the current Covid 19 crisis and the Clap for Our Carers. The idea for the basis of the song came about when lead singer and guitarist, Damian Kulash and his wife both contracted the virus, though they went through a nightmare of a time they have both since pulled through. Working remotely, the band all decided to work together on a song which would help raise money for Health Care workers, and the end result, it has got to be said, is something quite remarkable. 

The song has both a soothing and haunting feel to it at the beginning both soon takes on a more uplifting feel to it. Lyrically, the words have a strong, heart-warming message as it refers to everyone being together regardless of physical distance. There are a couple of lines ‘all together now’ and ‘all together alone in the chrysalis’ which is heard a few times, both of there which have a somewhat strong message about solidarity in isolation.

Ironically this song could not have come at a better time as the world is still battling the effects of the Coronavirus which in only a few months, has escalated into a worldwide pandemic.

I myself work amongst Key Workers as a Support Worker helping to support vulnerable people in supported living. Many of them have various mental health problems, disabilities as well as underlying health problems making them high-risk to the virus.    

The accompanying song to this video can be viewed here and is just amazing, everything was filmed with all those involved filming in isolation

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