NHS demands a GREEN recovery for the UK

NHS demands a GREEN recovery for the UK
NHS demands a GREEN recovery for the UK

NHS workers have come down the streets, demanding a pay rise and a green recovery to help the country back on its feet after the Coronavirus Crisis. Anika Khan reports.

Health Workers have recently published a report where they revealed that decarbonizing the economy to zero emissions by 2030 can create thousands of jobs and prevent pollution-related deaths annually in Britain.

Health workers in charity Medact’s Climate & Health Research Group call for the NHS to play its part to bring in systematic changes by combat issues such as the climate crisis and health inequalities.

The report argued that decarbonizing the energy system and investing in sustainable green technology can create more than 46,000 jobs in the North of England alone.

The report stresses the role that the NHS needs to play to draw attention to the health impacts of social and environmental injustice.

Medact Health campaigner Ben Eder said, “We need collective action now to end the health, economic and environmental injustices that are killing people in our communities”

Medical Journal executive editor of Britain, Kamran Abbasi said “A world driven by wealth and corporate profits has failed to respond adequately to a global pandemic, and the same applies many times over to the climate crisis.”

Prime Minister Boris has described the climate change crisis as an immediate threat, but many campaigners and organizations have accused him of hypocrisy as his work fail to reflect this.

Boris has permitted a new coal mine in Cumbria to go ahead in its operation. His crucial project to cut emissions from home heating has also been recently scrapped out.

UK’s government has to take inadequate plans and implement a transformative Green New Deal to protect Britain from the upheaval of a climate breakdown.