Music Monday: Top music releases of this week!

Music Monday: Top music releases of this week!
Music Monday: Top music releases of this week!

Our music editor Adam Humphries brings you the top music releases of this week! Make sure to add them on your playlist!

Muca releases ‘Until We Meet Again’ Making-Of Documentary

Muca and co have got something rather interesting for all you music lovers out there, and no, it is not another musical release or accompanying video for one of their songs unfortunately. This time it is in the form of a documentary, and it is about the making of one of the breakthrough songs that has been circulating on the music airwaves this summer, ‘Until We Meet Again’.

The documentary itself is 10 minutes and 35 seconds long and gives a very good insight into what it is like being in the driving seat when you are creating new music, and something for the masses of fans and listeners out there.

Muca does not leave anything out when it comes to describing what he does, where he gets his inspiration from, creating it, bringing people into his projects and finally putting it all together.

If you want to take a glimpse of what can go on behind the scenes when it comes to putting together musical creations, just use the link below.

Watch Seafoam Green’s visual for ‘Swimming In The Paint’

Our favourite Irish duo who specialise in Americana rock, Seafoam Green, have given us their latest offering, and this time it is in the form of a music video for their song, ‘Swimming in the Paint’.

As far as the song goes it has that catchy upbeat feel and tempo to it and is one of those where if you listen to it often enough you will probably want to sing to it again a few times over.

The subject matter that they have chosen has a somewhat ethereal as it is all about human experiences and sharing them with that special someone in your life. What it quite interesting about those sorts of songs is that they are normally quite upbeat ‘happy track’ types which leaves you with that feel-good factor from midway right through to the end.

Lyrically, the song puts a nice, and somewhat colourful, personification on the meaning of the subject matter on the song itself.

“Here we are swimming in the paint, don’t get stuck in the black”  

As individuals we go through the many aspects of our lives which has many different meanings and feelings for us but just try not to let the negativity or bad things hold you back or consume you.

To view the video, use the link below, it’s nice viewing. For a video that is 3 minutes 39 seconds long it’s not that bad.

SZA drops her new tracks “Joni,” “I Hate You” and “Nightbird” on Soundcloud

SZa has suprised her fans this monday and dropped three new tracks on Soundcloud. The tracks, “Joni is a tenderly plucked acousitic guitar ballad, “I hate You” is an electro R&B kiss-off and “MightBird” is a downtempo melody.

SZA has also revealed that she shared her tracks due to the instructions from her astrology reader. In June SZA collaboared with Sainf Jhn on the song, “Just for me”. Prior to this she teamed up with Doja cat for “Kiss me More” which became an instant hit breaking global charts.

Listen to her new tracks on Soundcloud now!

JESSICA WILDE’s ‘Daylight’ is classic soul with fresh statement London rap flow!

Our talented and upcoming Princess in R&B is back with us again, yes, it is Jessica Wilde, with her latest single, Daylight. As always, the London-based singing sensation knows just how to deliver when it comes to making fresh new vibes and music, and lyrically she leaves nothing out.
As a single, Daylight is one of those tracks where even though it is your upbeat, chirpy dance-esque song that you probably want to start dancing to, the subject matter is a somewhat sombre one that has an edgy tone. The song is about the toxicity of a bad relationship between two people that is just going round-and-round in circles.
In the lyrics Jessica Wilde talks about wild reckless behaviour that is fuelled by bad behaviour, crazy party night, and basically about the whole cycle going into a Groundhog Day. Overall, a déjà vu of a situation where everything is just going round and round in a mad, crazy cycle where a breakout longs to happen.
Jessica’s rap singing on the lyrics adds that extra edge to the music and the backing vocals, which aren’t rapped to, add more feeling and atmosphere to the song.
Overall, a great track to listen to and Jessica never fails to hit the mark.