Music Monday: Latest Music Releases Of This Week

Music Monday

Our music editor Adam Humphries brings you the top music releases of this week! Make sure to add them to your playlist!

Saronde x Floyd Lavine release new breakbeat anthem ‘Be You’!

Calling all music-loving fans of the Afrobeat sound, fans of both duo Sardone and spoken-word performance poet, Floyd Lavine, well they have got together for their latest musical creation, Be You. It is 3 minutes and 55 seconds long.

Now, what is interesting about this track it that it is not like one of your regular tracks in which you get to listen to someone singing a tune, it is more like someone talking directly to the listener and offering them words of wisdom, strength, and advice. As well as telling them their own life story.

Be You is an amazing mixture of Afrobeat and electronic sounds thrown together along with smooth, slick singing. Overall, as a song, this is a great example of the talented genius, not to mention creativity, of what can happen when a musical group and spoken-word artist join forces whilst embracing the cultural tunes of Africa.

As a song, this is just genius and is definitely one for the playlist for when you want something uplifting to listen to and is out now on Beating Heart.

Overpass drops new single ‘Changes’

Ascending Midlands indie outfit Overpass preview their forthcoming debut UK headline tour. It also releases a brand new single, ‘Changes’.

A fast-paced, guitar-driven cut, it follows the 2020 debut single ‘One Night Lover’ and subsequent releases ‘Other side Of Midnight’ and ‘Stop The Clock’. 

The new single pairs the band’s youthful energy and boundless drive with a clear knack for anthem songwriting. Overpass’ formidable live energy translates effortlessly into their studio recordings.

CHEW MAGNA serves up its own alt-rock antidote to lifelessness in modern age!

Mancunian 4-piece band, Chew Magna, has created a fresh, brand-new track called Listless, and it is quite an impressive, energetic track in itself. It is 3 minutes and 50 seconds long and straight from the word go has a very fast pace.

Listless is about all the complexities of life whilst growing up as a youth such as ones’ own potential, conspiracy theories and the seemingly ever-growing plights of life itself. There are a couple of lines within the lyrics that just seem to sum up some of those problems

“Listless, listless lying around the house all day still with your mouth wide open” “But you should be out there looking, cause I’d kill for what you got”

In regards to the song-writing, it is witty and straight in there within regards to its chosen subject matter. It taps quite closely as it can get into the human psyche of the adolescent mind that has yet to discover what it can achieve, whilst at the same time dealing with the struggles and frustrations of whatever that might be.

Listening to the background beat of the music the guitar riffs and drum beats are steady and fast but are very careful to not overdo themselves. If anything, the speed in which they go ironically goes hand-in-hand with what the band sing about, as teens people can be sometimes too quick to grow through moments in a bid to reach the end without actually knowing what it is they even want.

Overall, Listless is a great choice for the playlist and shows just how good Northern rock sounds can be.