MORPHEUS launches new shows to enjoy from home!

MORPHEUS launches new shows to enjoy from home!
MORPHEUS launches new shows to enjoy from home!

Virtual immersive theatre company Morpheus is launching their fourth hit show ‘Winter Rescue’. Here is the list of all their shows which you shouldn’t be missing out on!

Winter Rescue

  • The Show aims to transport children to an icy world of kidnapped elves and fearsome yetis.
  • It is suitable for children aged 9-13.


  • Spymaker is an espionage thriller that has been created for adult audiences.
  • It is suitable for families with teenagers aged 13-17.


  • This show immerses the participants into an exhilarating and hilarious world of secret agents, strangers, and thrilling adventures.
  • The show is for adults as well as teenagers.


  • Dystopic and nightmarish, Lockdown is for adults who are fans of horror and science fiction.
  • The show challenges the audience to save the day from deadly viruses and civil unrests that threaten society.

Other things you need to know about the shows:

  • All four shows provide a theatrical experience with live actors and hosts.
  • The audience needs to use headphones and blindfolds.
  • They will be invited to join a sensory escapade through Zoom.
  • Groups are limited to up to six people.
  • You will simply need a stable internet connection and a desire to see the unseen.
  • These shows allow individuals and groups to virtually meet and make new friends.
  • They are also the perfect team-building experience for remote workplaces.
  • The show is available for 6 at a discounted price of £39
  • Tickets available to book from