Law change allows rugby male players to wear leggings

World Rugby Day
Aaron Smith runs through drills during a New Zealand All Blacks training session at Eden Park in August. Photograph: Hannah Peters/Getty Images

World Rugby law changed and it now allows male rugby players to join their female counterparts in wearing tights or leggings in matches. Law 4 of the sport previously only allowed women to wear tights and leggings that now allow players at all levels to wear.

Law Four of the sport, which covers players’ clothing. In previous, it only permitted women to wear cotton blend tights or leggings, with single inside seam under their shorts and socks. But it has now been extended to all participants with immediate effect, World Rugby said.

The official change has been implemented on “welfare and accessibility grounds. ” It’s occurred amid the increasing use of artificial surfaces. World Rugby said,

“With some players susceptible to abrasions on artificial surfaces, the decision gives players the option to wear tights or leggings as a preventative measure, maximizing access to the game.”

“World Rugby will also work with unions and registered artificial turf providers to ensure that rigorous best-practice maintenance programs are observed that minimize the risk of abrasions, particularly in relation to brushing and watering especially in hot conditions,” it added.