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Just Lending a Hand or Two

As We Come Out of Lockdown Can we be Sure That Those Most in Need Are Getting the Best?

Like everybody else during the lockdown, and when I wasn’t at work, I spent quite a bit of time watching programmes on TV. Basically, anything that could maintain my interest for more than fifteen minutes, well let’s face it, as with many other people, there was not exactly a huge amount of anything else that I could do was there.

During a quiet evening or two, I watched a couple of programmes, The A Word and Alex Brooker: Disability and Me. Now both of these programmes grabbed my interest, mainly because they were to do with disability, but another reason was in regard to the amount of care and support people in the position of needed support actually required.

One question stuck in my mind: Are they receiving enough and could more be done?

Now as I have mentioned in some of my past columns I myself have a disability so I was already familiar with the grounds on The A Word, but it was those being presented in Alex Brooker’s show that really piqued my interest further. The burning question that was on my mind during the show was whether people in similar positions and/or situations to him could have benefitted from more support

Now, I openly admit that during the period we were in a full nation-wide lockdown both support and resources were limited, and for some, it was not there as much as it could have been. However, as we emerge from lockdown even more what we need to take a deeper look at is whether the support and care we are providing at sufficient levels.

When I was first diagnosed with my problems many, many years ago there wasn’t very much help for people in my position, but then again this was the early/mid 90’s and Autism wasn’t really understood. In fact, it was only just being realized.

Though I didn’t get vast amounts of help and support when my problems were first noticed thankfully it came late. Much later shall I just say? Well, better late than never.

However, back to both The A Word and Alex Brooker’s documentary for a moment. Is there more that can be done for people in the disability community so as to ensure that they are getting the necessary levels of help? Are those in the care sector fully trained? is there enough assistance from charities to ensure those in need that they are nearby whenever it is required?

More importantly are people in society ready to lend their hand to support those in need, including friends and family? Are our attitudes as a society there to help with the varying levels of responsibility?

Well, I should certainly hope so.

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