Intelenet Next Generation Tech to Improve Travel Services

Everybody knows – unless they have been living under a rock for the past couple of years – that we are now living in a time of great technological advancement and that robots are becoming a real driving force in many industries.
This is also the case for the travel industry, as next generation tech is assisting travel providers in the streamlining of their processes and reducing back-office costs.
In this media-saturated day and age it is no surprise that the travel industry is, as a matter of fact, facing a great deal of pressure to fight against what has been described as a ‘tarnished reputation’ regarding customer experience in this field.
Technology is indeed the answer to making sure client requests are handled more efficiently and it seems that global BPO Intelenet® Global Services has been acknowledged as a leading name in the travel & hospitality sector for its ability to improve upon customer engagement services.
Analyst has identified Intelenet for its innovative solutions, which are helping to boost revenue generation and enhance the overall experience for travellers.
Their patented technology travel suite has made an obvious difference to proceedings, as Ivan Kotzev, Principal Research Analyst for Customer Experience Services at NelsonHall said: “For the travel and hospitality sectors, Intelenet boasts a highly-specialized skillset, a multishore delivery network including work-at-home resources, and a stack of proprietary domain tools and technologies.
“All these strengths make it well equipped to address the future needs of a highly dynamic industry focused on digitalisation and personalisation of the customer experience.”
The global process services player has managed, with its robotics-driven workflow solution iSafe and GDS training academy, to make a tangible change to finances, what with back-office costs being reduced by 20 per cent.
The results also show that Intelenet was able to increase the conversion rate of customer interactions by 3 per cent within 90 days, using speech analytics implementation (which led to a $30m annual revenue uplift).
Bhupender Singh, CEO at Intelenet® Global Services, commented: “In the hospitality industry, the experience is part of the product and what you are selling. And in the age of the customer, the relationships you build with customers are the greatest source of competitive differentiation.
“To absorb the negative impact of mounting costs, next generation technologies such as automation and analytics must be employed to streamline the back-end processes and enable employees to focus on improving the customer experience.”
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> Hannah Montgomery