How Euphoria influenced Teen fashion

How Euphoria has managed to influence teens fashion choices across the globe
How Euphoria has managed to influence teens fashion choices across the globe

Since the hit American-teen drama series was released in 2019 fans have taken to the social media platform TikTok to exhibit the influence the show has had.

Whilst it follows a group of high school students that go through a variety of experiences from first loves to first times to drug deals to identity crisis’ and trauma. The costumes, makeup, and hairstyles used have influenced viewers massively as they are creating TikTok to indicate the love they have for the show throughout their connecting fashion choices.

The unique visions created by costume designer Heidi Bivens is considered as a reflection of Gen Z’s shopping habits. She combines items of clothing that most people would not pair together, as well as, creating the outfits that you would be too scared to try but inspires your mind to consider. It releases an appreciation on how creative and different you could become if you put yourself outside of society’s expectations.

Each character has a unique individual style exploding with confidence and carelessness telling viewers to never be ashamed of who you are or what you want to be. Each personality of the characters fits perfectly with their costume choices which allows you to feel more connected to who they are as you learn through people’s styles. 

Although coronavirus has put a halt on filming for the second series, it has been confirmed that there could be ‘bridge episodes’ by star Zendaya to fulfill fans’ desires for the continuation of the plot whilst they wait to resume the loved show. Hopefully, in the second series, there are even more eccentric choices in costumes that create bolder statements than before.