Bendy and The Ink Machine- A Mickie mouse puzzle game with a spooky twist!

Bendy and The Ink Machine
Bendy and The Ink Machine

For those who like playing games which are horror with puzzles and action this one is great for you. Bendy and The Ink Machine gives the Mickey Mouse vibe but with a spooky twist, making this game brilliant for all year play or great for Halloween gameplay. 

This gameplay is about a previous Animator at the Joey Drew Studios, the studio behind Bendy, a cartoon character which the fictional studio was known for, gets invited back to his old workplace by his old boss. However, it’s not quite what it used to be and has something much darker. The gameplay has you go through different chapters, exploring the old studio and coming across the newly and scarily adapted cartoon characters.

The graphics for this game suits the style of the game as it dates back to the 1930s. The graphics have a cartoon-like touch with added detail making each individual scenario look amazing whilst having that 30’s Mickey Mouse-like look.

Whilst playing the game, I had come across a lot of jumpscares and numerous moments of adrenaline. This game is perfect for those that like a jumpscare and like a rush feeling.

The game is so worth playing and is a masterpiece and has been created so well to keep the enjoyment of this game going. Each character you come across is different and unique making each character their own.

This game is certified PEGI 12, meaning it is suitable for those aged 12 and above. If you love a scare and puzzle-solving, then I can recommend this game for you! 

Beware of the Machine!