‘Disclosure’ and why is it the hottest album out there

Energy - Disclosure - Album Review
Energy - Disclosure - Album Review

Disclosure has pulled out of the bag what could be one of the hottest albums we’ve seen (and heard!) all summer. Libby Sparks reports… 

Released by Island Records, “ENERGY” (Deluxe) is the third studio album that the dynamic duo from Surrey have released. 

The electronic duo are brothers and show they have the wavelength of twins in this latest release that will have you wishing festival season was never cancelled at all. 

The feverish beats were probably delayed in being released for just that reason, with the duo and management alike probably hoping there would have been a return to gigs this year but nevertheless the album has sure caused a stir. 

Upbeat bangers, “Lavender” and “Get Close” will have you missing clubs being open more than you ever thought you could, as their signature electronic tendencies seep through and have your feet tapping in time. 

Not to mention the features in this album, from the renowned Kelis on “Watch Your Step” to the controversial slowthai on “My High”. 

Tracks with the legend himself Khalid have also finally made it to an album with “Talk” and “Know Your Worth”.

A special mention also has to go to Kehlani’s vocals on “Birthday” as they blend seamlessly with the euphoric dance beat. 

This track is also remixed twice at the end of the Deluxe version of the album just to keep us wanting even more. 

Overall this album truly shows the versatility of the dance/electronic acts’ talent, and I for one can’t wait to see what comes next, or at least to finally see this performed live!