Honouring Captain Tom Moore

captain tom
Image credit: PA MEDIA

By Colin McIlwaine

Until very recently, few, if any of us, had heard of Captain Tom Moore.

Now, this unassuming veteran of the Second World War is a national hero.

Just before his hundredth birthday, he took the decision to walk around his garden a hundred times to raise some funds to help the N.H.S. in this terrible situation.

The result was something neither he nor anyone else had ever dreamed of. Over £32 million raised, a Number One single with Michael Ball, numerous television and radio interviews and a six-figure number of cards arriving for his birthday (along with his congratulations from the Queen). Captain (now, of course, Colonel and soon to be, Sir) Tom has been a huge inspiration to our country in this dark hour and we wish Tom and his family every blessing, as we give thanks for all that he has done in recent days; an achievement now rightly honoured with a knighthood. 

Surely, this man is not only an inspiration but an example and a challenge to us all. Each one of us has gifts, talents and faculties which can be used to benefit others as well as ourselves and for me personally, the challenge is to recognise this and to make the  most of what I have and to take every opportunity to use it wisely and well.

Tom Moore is a shining example of how one simple gesture can have a profound influence for good. Here’s hoping that we soon see an end to these extremely difficult times and my prayers and good wishes are with us all as we try to find the best way forward.