Habib Released ‘Norom Haater Sporshe’

Norom Hater Sporshe
Norom Hater Sporshe

Bangladeshi Musician and composer Habib Wahid has released his new song ‘Norom Haater Sporshe’ last week.

Ali Baker Zico wrote the song while voice, tune, and music were given by Habib himself.

This is a romantic song that expresses pain, distance, and loneliness. 

The song is part of his attempt to claim exclusivity of songs, as well as bringing out an audio format of songs rather than frequent music videos.

Habib said, “Songs keep getting created from various moods and this is one of them. This song (Norom Haater Sporshe) expresses one such mood. The song talks about the pain of separation, distance  yet remembering each other always.”

Along with this song, Habib previously worked with lyricist Ali Baker Zico on few other songs also.

“I feel Ali Baker Zico is a writer of depth. Even though I feel various lyricists all have their unique signature.”

‘Norom Haater Sporshe’ is available on Habib Wahid’s official YouTube channel.

The song is also available on music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.