Female government workers In Kabul told to stay home

In the latest Taliban rule, female government workers in Kabul were told to stay home. The Taliban-appointed mayor of Kabul is telling most of the city government’s female employees to stay home.

In a new ruling passed down by the Taliban, Kabul interim mayor Hamdullah Namony said that women working for the city’s government are to stay home pending a further decision.

The only exception to the new rule applies to women whose jobs cannot be replaced by men, including those working in the city’s design and engineering departments and women’s public toilet attendants, he added.

Speaking in a news conference on Sunday, Namony said that before the Taliban takeover in August, just under a third of the city’s 3,000 employees were women. He didn’t give an exact number on just how many employees across Kabul will now be forced to stay home. Namony said, 

“There are some areas where men can’t do it, we have to ask our female staff to fulfill their duties, there is no alternative for it.” 

In addition, a Taliban spokesperson last month told women across the country to stay at home for their own safety in what he called a temporary measure.

However, in light of staffing shortages in the health care, the Taliban on Aug. 28 announced they would allow all 2,000 female public health care workers to return to work.

The new Taliban government’s latest move is just one of several in the last few days stripping back the rights of girls and women.