Ronaldo set to earn nearly €300k less than Messi

Argentine legend Lionel Messi’s Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) contract has been revealed. The worth of the contract for three seasons is as much as €110 million. 

In August, Messi had to leave Barcelona and joined PSG. The Spanish Giants were unable to afford his wages, which on his previous contract meant that he earned almost that total amount in just one season.

In the end, Barcelona’s inability to comply with Spanish Financial Fair Play, however, opened the door for Messi to make a move to PSG.

According to L’Equipe, Messi will be paid up to €110m net over three years, albeit that final year is optional on the part of Messi.

Each year, he will receive €30m in terms of wages. That would make it almost €731k per week. 

He will get an extra €10m for a loyalty bonus after his second and third season at PSG. And that makes his total contract worth €40m in those coming campaigns.

In addition, Messi will also receive €1m per year in the cryptocurrency of the club.

This transfer window was so unpredictable. Messi’s move to PSG was a huge shock in the football world. But the story didn’t end there. Cristiano Ronaldo followed the same path. He joined Manchester United after 12 years.

Like Messi, Ronaldo was on the move for financial reasons and ended up at a club that swooped for him, given an unlikely opportunity.

 According to the other media, Ronaldo will get closer to €450k a week.

He is expected to earn roughly €23m per season at Manchester United. He took a pay cut from his €30m a year salary at Juventus. 

Still, this will make him the highest-paid Premier League footballer. But in terms of wages, Messi is leading the race.