Facebook Might not be Free Anymore !

> Dipto Paul
Worlds one of the largest social networking site Facebook has changed its tagline from ‘It’s free and always will be’ to ‘It’s quick and easy’ in its homepage.
The famous tagline was silently changed by Facebook authority between August 6-7 according to a recent discovery by Business Insider.
From last one-decade Facebook was using the ‘free’ tagline for its new and existing users right under the Account Signing button in their homepage though it was not free at all.
Although Facebook has not yet provided an official explanation for this change, but these may be a new step of Facebook according to Business Insider.
From the beginning, Facebook has always confirmed that users will not have to pay any amount when registering to become a member on social networks. Instead, the platform operates and benefits from an ad-based business model.
Mark Bartholomew, a professor of intellectual property and cyber law at the University of Buffalo, said that the change may have come “because of public sentiment.”
“It’s almost a cliché to say that you are the product, but everyone now realizes that Facebook tracks you and beams ads to you. It’s not a public service.”
In addition, Facebook’s previous slogan “Free and always will be” actually raise an objection against the platform’s policies. In Clause 11 of the “Things to Know” section, Facebook asserts “We cannot guarantee that the platform will always be free”.