Drive-in Rave Arranged by A German Nightclub to Fight Coronairus Restrictions

Drive-in Rave Arranged by A German Nightclub
Drive-in Rave Arranged by A German Nightclub

A nightclub in Schüttorf, Germany, called ‘Club Index’ has hosted a drive-in rave on Friday, following the social distancing rules that are currently enforced across the country. Puza Sarker Snigdha reports.

During the current global pandemic, Germany has taken a great initiative in bringing the population together using the power of music. The popular ‘Club Index’, hosted a drive-in rave which allowed 250 cars to join them in their car park, with each car having a maximum of two people inside.

This event gave 500 ravers got the opportunity to experience live club music for the first time in months!

Dutch DJ Devin Wild was the headliner of the show who took to social media to upload footage from the drive-in rave to show so the rest of the world how they can still come together to enjoy live music.

In footage from the event, car headlights can be seen through the haze from the smoke machines as the DJ encourages the ravers to join in with the performance by beeping their horns as he drops a beat.

Fireworks were also set off from behind the big screen as the in-car party-goers beeped their horns.

Club Index could well be the first of many to find a way to get live music to the fans while observing social distancing measures.


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