Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus Updates
Coronavirus Updates

The latest on the Corona Virus Pandemic across the globe. Anika Khan reports.

  • USA: In the USA, death from Covid-19 has passed 250,000. According to official records published by John Hopkins University, more than 11.5 million confirmed cases have been reported so far. Hospitals are straining to cope up with the volume of patients.
  • Russia: On Thursday Russia has surpassed over 2 million coronavirus cases. The official death toll from Covid-19 stands to almost 35,000.
  • Africa: The continent of Africa has also surprised 2 million confirmed Covid-19 cases. The official death toll in Africa stands at around 48,000 up until now. Health officials are warning about a surge in infections.
  • Japan: Tokyo went into its highest level of alert with the new daily cases breaking all the previous records. The health ministry of Japan has reported over 2,000 new cases in the previous 24 hours.
  • India: Over 9 million cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in India. Data from the health ministry have revealed over 45,000 new cases recorded daily. With the distancing measures eased down, the numbers are likely to increase.
  • Samoa: A Pacific nation has recorded its first Covid-19 case. A sailor who has returned from New Zealand tested positive and is now in their quarantine facility.
  • England: A huge team of retired doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists are being assembled by Britain’s National Health Service to carry out the biggest mass vaccination program. The effort aims to immunize 22 million adults, followed by the rest of England’s population once the vaccine comes out.

4 major drug companies have five COVID-19 vaccine candidates in Phase 3 clinical trials. Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines have shown extraordinary protection and recorded to be nearly 95% effective. WHO is hopeful for a vaccine to be ready by Spring.