Cop26: The world needs a Global Green New Deal!

Cop26: The world needs a Global Green New Deal!
Cop26: The world needs a Global Green New Deal!

While everyone is trying to save the mother earth and change from defeating climate emergency, all the big rich countries are making us fool us with bluffs. On the ongoing conference, Cop26 in Glasgow’ War on Want’ has spoken on this matter and asked for a Global Green New Deal because the system is rigged, they say. 

Asad Rehman, the director of War on Want, personally went to the Cop26 conference to talk about the ugly reality of all the rich nations and how they are faking their intentions of saving the earth. 

‘The answer to the question ‘How do we change the world?’ Isn’t in any of us individually, it’s in all of us, collectively,’ said Asad Rehman, the director of War on Want in Cop26. 

Asad said, ‘This afternoon, I confronted UK PM Boris Johnson with the message that, ‘We won’t stand for false climate solutions, empty promises or illusions. The UK must commit to real zero, not net-zero, by 2030, and we demand legally-binding targets, not promises from big business.’

‘It’s not too late to influence the outcomes of COP26 if we act together. And it’s not too late to get your voice heard by the UK’s Alok Sharma, the COP26 President. There’s still time to stop the stitch-up. Hold them to account.’

The UK government is rigging the response to the climate crisis by handing over control of the climate negotiations to the same polluting companies that created this crisis. This should catch our attention to act on. Asad has pointed out a few facts to notify everyone. The UK has used its position as the chair of the COP26 negotiations to sideline conversations about real solutions, such as a Global Green New Deal or a justice transition.

  • The ‘landmark’ climate agreements being announced are illusions, filled with loopholes for corporations to continue their destructive activities and protect their profits.  The much-lauded goal of net zero emissions by 2050 isn’t zero at all. It’s based on ‘offsetting’ emissions, not cutting them, and relies on unproven technologies to suck carbon out of the atmosphere.
  • ‘Offsetting’ will result in massive land grabs, especially in poorer countries, pushing communities from their homes to make way for ‘carbon farm’ forests.
  • The trillions of dollars in climate finance announced are largely made up of private sector loans that will leave the poorest countries paying the transition price.

Asad added, ‘These approaches are a license to pollute and shift responsibility. It’s unfair, it’s risky, and it will not keep us below 1.5C. Don’t let the UK government hide the truth about the negotiations; expose it to the world and pile on the pressure.’

‘We need rich countries to commit to real zero by 2030. We need legally-binding targets, not vague promises from big business. And we need governments to defend the UN multilateral system – our best hope of tackling the climate crisis.’

Instead of taking action on rich countries who are not making any effort for net-zero emission targets, they have kept producing coal fuel and increasing global warming day by day. All the rich governments are rigging the UN system so that general people won’t hold onto them for any accountability on this matter. This deregulation is allowing countries to count empty promises made by big businesses as real emissions reductions.

In recent few days, more than 150,000 people got out on the streets of Glasgow and thousands more in towns and cities across the UK. They have taken the streets under the banner of climate justice. This message was taken inside the halls of the COP26 climate summit on Wednesday to ramp up the pressure on the UK’s COP president, Alok Sharma.