Film Friday: Top 5 TV series to watch this weekend!

Film Friday

This week WhatsOn is back with the top 5 exciting TV series which aired in 2021. To make your weekend more delightful and less boring doesn’t forget to stream those.


Maid is a magnificent series, with a sense of tremendous sadness, great acting, and an extremely well-written script. Mental illness is not acknowledged enough yet by today’s society and here we get to voyeur successive generations deal with varying levels and issues of illness.

Only Murders in the Building

The series follows a trio of NYC neighbors whose true crime obsession becomes a bit too real when they find themselves swept up in the throes of a crime committed in their own hallways. It’s a perfect pairing, and it’s getting a Season Two.

Hometown cha-cha-cha

Hometown cha-cha-cha is a super feel-good, positive, relaxing, and healing drama that we all need in a time like this. The conflicts are relatable and the acting is top-notch. The producers did a fantastic job in the story-telling. Not too cringy and not all too predictable.


The name is insane, yes. The premise is a little wacky, and if you don’t fancy yourself a musical person, then that can make it all a bit intimidating. But it’s worth it. Fronted by Keegan Michael Key and Cecily Strong, the musical series from Lorne Michaels parodies the bombastic musicals of the early 20th century while falling back on the most obvious premise: a love story.

Little things season 4

While Little Things doesn’t bring anything brand new to the table, it is the stunning visuals of South India and the unmatched background score that are a big win. From regional music such as Thrissur Pooram and soulful English tracks to even 90s Bollywood music, the web series will leave you smiling.