Cat’s Eye

Cat's Eye
Cat's Eye

Author: Margaret Atwood

Has Margaret Atwood ever written anything that wasn’t super good? She just seems to be able to tap into any human emotion and craft an incredibly texture story in which the reader is taken on this journey into the psyche of a character. In Cat’s Eye, the main character, Elaine, finds herself back in her hometown years after she left for an exhibition of her artwork. While there she is flooded with memories of her childhood and haunted by the memory of her “friend”/ childhood tormentor Cordelia.

Cat’s Eye is an exploration of how meaningful and everlasting childhood memories and how being bullied can greatly scar a person’s life. Once again, Margaret Atwood proves without a shadow of a doubt that she has a firm grasp on description and shows what a master storyteller and wordsmith she is. Her writing is consistently supreme and her story, yet again, will resonate with many. I can’t see a world in which Atwood novels do not become considered literary classics. Cat´s Eye is highly recommended and has made me want to read even more Atwood. I’m not looking forward to the day I can say I have read all her books.

Rating: 4/5

By Naomi Round