Billie Eilish Celebrates “Bad Guy” Success

Billie Eilish Celebrates “Bad Guy” Success
Billie Eilish Celebrates “Bad Guy” Success

Billie Eilish is celebrating her success as “Bad Guy” has earned 1 billion views on YouTube and to celebrate the singer has shared the first-ever ‘infinite’ music video. Puza Snigdha reports.

The ‘infinite’ music video will bring together tens of thousands of covers of Bad Guy that are streaming on Youtube which means each time fans browse the website, each viewing will be unique to the next.

The video is available on from Monday.

“Billie Eilish is an exceptional artist, and it’s clear her fans on YouTube agree,” said Vivien Lewit, YouTube global head of artist relations. “This is a thank-you to Billie and all her friends.”

The video will begin with the much-loves original “Bad Guy” video meanwhile the rest are all synced up for a seamless switch between videos. The unique video also recommends hashtags offering different versions of the song from signing, metal and even aerobics.

When a viewer presses pause, they have the ability to examine a list of the videos they just saw and be transferred over to creators’ official YouTube channels. The infinite playlist pulls over 10.5 million seconds of source video from almost every country, language, and genre

A trailer has been released on YouTube summarizing the whole unique idea of the ‘infinite’ video.

Watch the trailer below:

“This project is a loving monument to YouTube fan culture, in all its diverse and wonderful glory,” said Jay Chen, Google Creative Lab producer.

The video is fun to the fans and they are putting wonderful comments.

In 2020, EIlish has pulled 4 billion views on her official YouTube channel and she has 35 million subscribers.

However, Eilish is on board with her new single “Therefore I Am” earlier this month.