Best offers of the week!

Looking for some astounding deals on foods, drinks, spa, as well as courses? Here we are with some of the money-saving surprising offers that you should not miss out on!

71% off at Inamo

Not many London restaurants serve up a dining experience like Inamo. There’s certainly a lot of choices, so you really can’t think of many better ways to sample it than by having your pick of 16 dishes basically on tap for 90 glorious minutes. Inmao offers 71% off on bottomless sushi and a drink, so grab the offer and don’t miss visiting it.

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Sneak peek:  10% off & free delivery

Sneak peek will be showcasing new collections by Sophie Derrick, Lee Herring, and Lana Matsuyama and we are giving you all a first chance to collect their artwork before it gets hung on the art fair walls. Additionally, you can take advantage of Free UK shipping and 10% Off using code WELCOME10.

To book the ticket and further information:  contact Gallery Director Isobel Beauchamp /07708 251 687.

Save Up to 70% on a luxury manicure

Summer’s almost here and we’re all getting ready to properly emerge from our enforced hibernation-like bears blinking into the springtime sun. If your hands and feet need a bit of work and well, we might be able to help. London Beauty and Health is offering you your choice of manicure (shellac or SNS dip powder), a shellac pedicure, or shellac for hands and feet. Plus you’ll get the whole shebang, so cuticles looked after, hand-massages, luxury creams, and of course, beautiful and buffed summer-ready nails. 

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80% off Pilates sessions at a Yoga Pilates London

They do bang on about it don’t they, those pilates friends? To be honest, they do tend to look healthy and happy, so maybe there really is something in it. And whether you’re looking to get into it for the first time or you already know your way around a rollover with legs spread, the teachers at Yoga Pilates London will be able to maximize your learning. Plus, it’s at a brand new studio near Charlotte Street, so convenient as hell.

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45% off a bottomless brunch at Proud Cabaret City

As many cocktails as you drink for an hour, brunch, a game of bingo hosted by one of the most hilarious drag queens in the business, and a live performance from some oiled-up men who can do things like thrusting their groins and make their pecs go up and down. Oh, and you can meet and greet them, too. They are offering 45% off45% off a bottomless brunch with the Dreamboys and Cookie Monster. Don’t miss it out.

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