Beatbaksho’s beatboxing journey!


BeatBaksho is a multi-instrumentalist, loop station artist, and voice artist who sails across multi-genres. Munia iffat catches him up, talks about the beatboxing journey of Beatbaksho.

Beatbaksho is officially started in 2014 but the original journey of Beatbaksho is set on from mid 90. The vocal artist of Beatbaksho love to introduce himself as a Beatbaksho because he said instead of introducing me by my name I would rather love to be known as Beatbaksho, my own identity. He said, “my main inspiration was Michael Jackson from childhood, whenever Michael Jackson sang always had done the beatboxing and that influenced me much for doing this. From then the beatboxing it turns into the Beatbaksho.”

Beatbaksho is now doing a cappella including beatboxing. He said, many Bangladeshi is doing beatboxing but I can ensure you Beatbaksho is the first one in Bangladesh who is doing a cappella and beatboxing together. K-pop is one of the favorite music genres of Beatbaksho. They also have done a  cappella and beatboxing on BTS’s recent super hit song Dynamite.

“If I ever get chance I would like to collaborate with Bobby McFerrin. I love his personality and the way he sings… Recently the British Musician Jacob Collier is one of my favorite. I don’t know it would ever happen or not but I would definitely love to do collaborate with him if the luck ever favors me,” he said with giggled.

“Seven months ago my mom passed away due to covid but from the beginning till her death and my father.. Both of my parents always support me, my work, my passion. I have learnt music from my mother. My father is an artist. They both influence me still now. Today what am I, all the credit goes to my parents for their support and giving me the chances. So yeah, thankfully I am blessed to have a parent like them,” he added.

Recently we are seeing some kids are also doing beatboxing. We asked the Beatbaksho to share his view and if there are any suggestions for the youngest! He replied with heartedly, “now a day many youngest are doing beatboxing that giving us goosebumps. Instead of ruining childhood they are doing something different and trying to make a change in their life. This is really a fantastic thing. I would suggest the kids rather doing only various sounds, also explore. Explore more, that will help you to discover more. The younger one please explores and the older one please be open-minded.”

As a Beatbaksho Bangladesh, they are working with some of the NGOs. As well as they also help people who are some kind of drug-addicted but help them out and introduce them with beatboxing so that they can also explore themselves. Beatbaksho said it is our goal to involve ourselves with any kind of charity. It would be an honor if ever we get chance to involve with any type of social works or charity.

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