Master Of Collage Matthew Craven Presents PRIMER

Matthew Craven is an American Artist who is a master of collage with a consistent DNA through his work and a clear obsession with shape, colour and most importantly pattern. Craven presents PRIMER, a visually pleasing remixing of figures and objects in his own unique style.
Craven utilises found images of lost relics and archaeological finidings from textbooks that once told the Western history of global art and culture. He uses both tribal and Greek sculptures with his hands to create hand-drawn optical designs. Craven seeks to create a new handmade universe, showcasing figures from different cultures and time periods to celebrate commonalities.
Now for the first time, Anthology Editions will bring the artist’s source material back to its original context: the book. PRIMER is an introduction to the artist’s visual world. Working collaboratively, Craven and Anthology Editions have created a new work of art that presents both a “revised” version of global art history and a mesmerizing vernacular of new symbols and designs. Featuring an introduction by LACMA curator Leslie Jones, PRIMER is the first publication of Craven’s art.
“Craven’s pictorial revision of global art history is based largely on formal similarities across time, space and cultures…humankind’s shared impulse to create,” says Leslie Jones.
PRIMER by Matthew Craven will be published by Anthology Editions and available for purchase from October 2018.
For more information, visit the website.
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