America’s First Social-Distance Concert

This is How America’s First Socially Distance Concert Looked Like
This is How America’s First Socially Distance Concert Looked Like

America’s first concert following social distancing guidelines took place in a venue in Arkansas on Monday night, where people joined together while wearing masks and with chairs were arranged 6 feet apart from one another, Puza Snigdha reports.

Travis McCready, the lead vocalist of Bishop Gunn, performed at the Temple Live in Fort Smith and show opened a window for the music lovers among this pandemic situation. The show was announced one month earlier with strict rules and regulations outlined in advance.

Some protocols that the venue maintained included:

• Capacity reduced to 239, 80% of capacity.
• The venue was well sanitized via fog sprayers.
• Everyone was wearing a mask.
• All Temple-live employees were bound to cover their face.
• The performers maintained 12 Feet distance from the audience
• There were available booth for hand sanitizers, masks at all patrons
• Required signage placed at all entrances and exits.
• Bathrooms also had limited occupancy, only 10 people allowed at a time.

“Reserving our right to rock n’ roll,” one fan posted on Instagram wearing a Temple Live-branded mask.

The concert was originally fixed for May 15, but after being hit with a cease-and-desist order, decided to reschedule the concert for Monday.