5 ways you can support strikes

5 ways you can support strikes

There are numerous strikes, movements happening across the world. If you feel they are right and to support them, you shouldn’t be a step behind. Come forward and raise your voice, be with them. Five ways discussed below how you can support any strike.

Raise your voice in public and social media

Wearing a button in support of a strike whenever you head out to run errands or getting a group of local teachers or faith leaders to sign a letter of support also helps demonstrate that the community stands with striking workers. Raise your voice publicly. Join with the strikers. Make social media posts. Let’s other to know.

Make a poster

Like any other protest, picket lines are open to those directly impacted and their allies, unless stated otherwise. They aren’t exclusive to employees, so feel free to make a few signs, text some friends, and write with the picket line in support.

Gather you friend

Whether there’s a strike happening in your own city or several states away, getting a few friends together to plan ways to support is a great option. It could be something as easy as making a Google Doc or starting a group text thread to coordinate supplies and rides. Working together can make sure each tactic feels bite-sized and manageable.

Donate to strike support funds

Strike support funds, also called economic hardship funds, are probably one of the most easily recognizable ways to support. If you are well-being try to donate to the strike fund. It will be helpful for them financially. With mental support, financial support also is needed.

Push government to support the strike

Pushing elected officials to take a public stance on workers’ rights and share messages of support for specific strikes as they’re happening both encourage striking workers and helps shore up public support for pro-labor policy measures.