Wayne Couzens allegedly kidnapped Sarah Everard with the help of police ID and handcuffs

Wayne Couzens will be sentenced for kidnapping, rape, and murder, according to Sarah Everard.

The former British cop Wayne Couzens who assaulted and killed a young lady Sarah Everard might have bound and captured her under misrepresentation affectation of her breaking Coronavirus lockdown limitations, a London court heard Wednesday.

Wayne Couzens used his police warrant card and cuffs to draw Everard off the road prior to choking her with his police belt and consuming her body, denying her group the opportunity to say one last farewell, a court heard.

During a period of coronavirus lockdown measures in March, Couzens, then a serving Metropolitan police officer, staged a bogus arrest of Everard as she returned from a friend’s house in south London, according to video footage published on Wednesday.

Sarah’s body was found after a week she went missing more than 50 miles southeast of London.

On Thursday at the Old Bailey in central London, Lord Justice Fulford will decide on the minimum term of Couzens’ life sentence.

On Thursday morning, the Labor leader reaffirmed his proposals for a victims’ legislation, which would provide victims’ rights such as the ability to appeal criminal investigation findings. Keir Starmer also demanded an investigation into how Couzens was permitted to stay on the force despite concerns about his behavior.

“We’ve got to get to the bottom of how that happened,” he explained in a public statement. But he said it is not vital that a review was carried out, and called for wider reform of the law on violence against women and girls.

The former chief constable of Gloucestershire Police and Crime Commissioner David Couzens has been sentenced to death for the abuse of his position and trust as a police officer. The full details of Couzens’ crimes were detailed for the first time at a hearing to decide whether he should be sentenced to die in jail.

The defense will argue against Couzens obtaining a life sentence for the suffering he inflicted on Everard, a punishment reserved for the greatest criminals.

Everard’s mother, the family provided emotional statements in a statement that Couzens had salted her daughter “as if she was nothing and disposed of her as if she was rubbish.”

“I go through the terrible sequence of events. I wonder when she realized she was in mortal danger,” she also mentioned.
Her father stated, “Sarah was tied and helpless to protect herself.” “This is constantly on my mind.”

Couzens joined the police in 2018 and most recently worked for the parliamentary and diplomatic protection command, an armed unit in charge of securing embassies in the city and the Parliament.