Zanele Muholi’s Exhibition begins tomorrow

Zanele Muholi's Exhibition in Tate Modern
Zanele Muholi's Exhibition in Tate Modern

The brilliant snaps taken by Zanele Muholi will be displayed in an exhibit at Tate Modern from 5 November. Anika Khan reports.

Muholi is one of the most acclaimed modern photographers whose work has been exhibited all over the world. With over 260 photographs, this exhibition presents the full breadth of their career to date.

Muholi is a visual activist who have documented and celebrated the lives of South African Black LGBTQ communities.

Only Half the Picture series

In the series, Only Half the Picture, Muholi captures intense images alluding to traumatic events, violence, and prejudice against black Africans.

Faces and Phases series

In the series, Faces and Phases, Muholi captured portraits of people gazing at the camera. The viewers can witness the true horrors of oppression reflecting from their eyes.

In the series, Brace Beauties, Muholi celebrates empowered non binary Trans people.

Somnyama Ngonyama series

The series also captures challenging pictures of taboo. Their ongoing series, Somnyama Ngonyama explores themes of labor, racism, sexual politics, and eurocentrism.

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