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Monkey Mad

Monkey World, the internationally-acclaimed rescue centre, is home to over 250 primates. Many have been neglected, kept in unnatural conditions, or experienced unbelievable cruelty. At Monkey World, they can all enjoy the company of their own kind in a safe and natural environment, and some
Which of these primates are NOT Great Apes?

Stay Fresh

Steripod is like a crash helmet for your toothbrush. This clip on toothbrush protector and sanitizer keeps germs at bay for up to 3 months. Inside each Steripod is a compound called thymol (known for antimicrobial effects) that surrounds and safeguards the bristles on your
How often should you replace your toothbrush?

Musical Fun

The Corrulute is a unique stringed instrument that is easy to tune and play, exactly like a ukulele. It comes in kit form with clear and easy to follow instructions for lots of fun styling, playing and building yourself. Perfect for any music lover, this
Is the Corrulute tuned like:

Beer O'clock

Win two free tickets to Britain’s biggest beer festival this summer! This summer the Great British Beer Festival will be returning to Olympia London for its 40th year. A paradise for beer lovers, the festival will be expanding its drinks offering of over 900 real ales and
What does beer contain that ale traditionally did not?

Reading and Leeds

Reading and Leeds is the number one UK music festival taking place over August Bank Holiday weekend. The line up is run the same at each festival over the weekend, and definitely not one to miss.
Who are headlining Reading and Leeds this year?

Get Snuggly

For those of you seeking a cozy feeling so next level, a level that goes beyond a puppy eating warm apple pie on a pillow in a cloud by a hearth, we offer our latest creation. This Shaggy Napsack offers all of the features of
When did Poler Stuff start making fabulous camping essentials?


The UK’s favourite pups star in a heroic musical adventure coming to Birmingham this summer. When Mayor Goodway goes missing during the day of the Great Adventure Bay Race, the pups come to the rescue. Win a ticket for a family of four by answering
Which Paw Patrol characters has rhe following catchphrase, \