WhatsOn Music Academy Re-opens


WhatsOn Music Academy is re-opening with an advanced live music session on Friday 30 from 2.30 PM- 3.30 PM BD time and 9.30 AM- 10.30 AM UK time.

We cordially invite you to join our Whatson family for a Fun Filled Friday! You can practice your guitar lessons, sign songs and hone your music talent here. Our award-winning music teacher Anupom Chakraborty will conduct the lesson.

Pick up your guitar, tune the strings, and let the music flow through your fingers to create something new to revitalize your soul. Join the WhatsOn family from the safety of your home for an hour of music, fun and community. It’s an event you just can’t miss!

Regular class curriculum 🎹🎸

  1. 4/4 Fingering Exercise (3..1..4..2)
  2. G+Em+C+D Chord progression (8 beat strum pattern)
  3. Knockin’ on heaven’s door Song lesson.
  4. Q/A session from audience.
  5. Curriculum announcement for next class.

🎸🎸 Stay Tuned 🎸🎸
To join us, click the link below!
Make sure you download the Zoom app before you join


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