Whatson Award 2020 has been Celebrated In the Glory of Youth

Whatson Award 2020 has been Celebrated In the Glory of Youth
Whatson Award 2020 has been Celebrated In the Glory of Youth

In a splendid manner, the Whatson Award Party has been celebrated. Many talented artists and eminent artisans of the younger generation were present at the event.
This year, awards were given in 18 categories. Distinguished singer Samina Chowdhury received the Best Icon Award. Actress Shampa Reza has received the Best Artist Award. Ahmed Hasan Sunny got the Best Male Singer award and Xefer Rahman became Best Female Singer.
Best Band Bangla Five, Ayanas Tajowar has become Best Musician. Shaheen Reza, Shreya Mrong, Arman Chowdhury, Miriam Gomes and Anupam Chakraborty have been named Best Writer, Best Rising Star, Best Photographer, Best Activist and Best Music Teacher respectively.
Apart from this, there were also category of the Best Airlines, Best Aid Agency, Best Beauty Saloon, Best Fashion House, Best Hotel, Best Restaurant and Best Travel Agency and the winners are gradually Air Asia,  Papyrus Communications Ltd, Nagomi – A Japanese Beauty Saloon, Bishwa Rang, Dhaka Regency Hotel And Resort, A to Z Holidays.
Welcoming everyone, Whatson Managing Director Sam Alim said, “Whatson has already completed a long journey and is now established internationally in different countries. Whatson is proudly a global platform for a new generation of multicultural activists, creatives, businesses and progressives. We believe in empowerment through collaboration and participation. We try to transform our world by awakening thoughts and consciousness.”
Whatson Director Setsu Adachi said, “We want to create a world where there is equality, cooperation, diversity and participation of all. Thanks to all those who participated in the event and successfully assisted in the management.”
The concert began with a concert by Watson Music Academy. Then the famous band team Bangla Five performed the songs for the guests. The awarding phase is then completed according to the category.
After the event, everyone was provided with a nice goodie bag and standard dinner from Whatson.
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