Wednesday Wisdom: Feminist novels that explore male privileges

Wednesday Wisdom: Feminist novels that explore male privileges
Wednesday Wisdom: Feminist novels that explore male privileges

October is the sexual abuse awareness month. With the rising cases of domestic violence and brutal rape cases taking place all around the world, it is time we think and rethinks what sparks the notions of female subjugations in a society?

Our book editor Naomi Sparks and editorial assistant Anika Khan bring you a list of feminist novels that explores how we can bring in changes. Where should we start? How can we establish a world with gender equality?

Hood Feminism by Miki Kendall

The focus of mainstream feminism is often placed on the increasing privilege for the few in our society. Wage gaps, access to education, and health care are not the only prevailing feminist issues. Fighting against racism, religious fanatics, and existing transmisogyny are the issues that the white feminists often fail to see.

Mikki Kendell tells us how all the feminists should stand in solidarity as a movement. Perceptive and subversive the book assesses how we can save this movement in flux.

The acclaimed author of ‘Down Girl’ came up with a bold critique that offers a radical framework to understand the misogyny. The book explores men’s privileges across different cultures and how this entitlement has led to all the different kinds of problems in this society. Kate Manne sheds light on gender and power!

In this novel, author Barbara Dee explores harassment and unwanted attention from people who study in the same educational space. The novel depicts a heart-wrenching story of a seventh-grade girl, Mila who gets unwanted attention from the boys of her class. They invade her private space and make her feel uncomfortable. In the end, with the help of her friends, Mila stands up and finds her voice to call them out.

She said by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey

After months of having confidential discussions with top actresses and former Weinstein employees, reporter Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey wrote the untold stories of their investigations in this novel. The long buried disturbing allegations that have been covered up by legal settlements came into light shaping the #MeToo movement.

The publication of the book revealed a Pandora’s box of sexual harassment accounts of abuse to the world. Their startling and superlative findings gave us a close-portrait of how those who spoke up created to help a movement of its own.