COVID Deaths to soar in Winter

COVID Deaths to soar in Winter
COVID Deaths to soar in Winter

Charity organizations, academics, and experts have warned the UK government to retrench the NHS charges for the migrants and asylum seekers in order to control Coronavirus cases from surging high during the coming winter.

Medical research journals have claimed to these charges, warning about the serious risk to public health and unnecessary deaths if everyone cannot access or afford National Health services. This research group has further condemned the government to fail to act on this issue despite the clear shreds of evidence.

Putting charges on MHS has prevented vulnerable people of the country including migrants and asylum seekers do not have access to healthcare during this global pandemic.

With harsh winters approaching ahead, the measures to control the virus will be ineffective if the charges are not lifted.

In the UK, migrants who hold a valid visa need to pay a charge of £624 to have access to NHS. The amount is significantly more for those with the visa and migrants from the outside countries.  To make the matters worse, former MP Theresa May has established the rule for NHS trusts to withhold treatment until the patients pay the full charges.

A spokesperson from the Department of Health and Social Care advised not to charge fees for any individual (citizens, migrants, or outside visitors) who needs to undergo testing or treatment for Covid-19.

If vulnerable groups are not seeking help due to the fear of being charged, this can result in more contamination and spread of the virus.

As the country prepares for another lockdown, the incompetence of the government into controlling the disease and ensuring the safety of its people has once again resurfaced.