Wednesday Wisdom: Books that teach you gratitude

Wednesday Wisdom

If this year has taught us one thing, that is to be grateful for all the things we have. This weekend, we read a book about gratitude. We bring you 5 good books about gratitude, happiness, love, and life.

The little Gratitude of things by Dr. Robert****

Written by Dr. Robert, this book shows how through some easy practices we can focus on the good we have received and improve our wellbeing, relationships, and heighten the feelings of connectedness in our space. The book suggests keeping a daily gratitude journal, writing letters of thanks to not only your loved ones but everyone who has been nice to you. Return the good with more good.

Gratitude has been scientifically proven to increase happiness and give a sense of peace. Give this book a try and see how it helps to generate positive ripple effects in your life.

Attitudes of Gratitude by M. J. Ryan ****

An informative, easy, and encouraging book by M. J. Ryan, divided into short chapters to simplify the facts and make them understand for the readers who urges to adopt the joy and satisfaction in their everyday life. Mainly this is a collection of thought-provoking essays and practical suggestions. If you’re going to read this one you will surely get a clearer idea of how to develop a sense of gratitude and sink in. Short and précised stories of this book may encourage you to see if the glass is full or empty.

Thankful by Eileen Spinelli*****

The last to make this list is a heartwarming picture book by Eileen Spinelli. A huge shout out to Archie Preston the illustrator who managed to bring Eileen’s words to life through beautiful illustrations.

The book focuses on the blessing which we often take for granted. It is a wonder read for the kids to make then understand and value the wonderful acts of services. It helps is to appreciate the essential workers, featuring endearing storytelling, rhyming texts, and whimsical illustrations.

Thankful is perfect for young readers and their family in this holiday season.

A Simple Act of Gratitude by John Kralik ****

The book is a personal memoir of John Kralik, where he describes how the simple act of being and showing gratitude made a great impact on his daily life. Thus he became someone happier and enthusiastic from an all-time low. At some point in his rough times, he got a closure to endure and overcome. This was his epiphany since he would write 365 thank-you notes, one per day. By the time he noticed a noticeable change in his life. The whole book is about Kralik outlining a roadmap for anyone struggling to make similar changes in their life. If you’re willing to bring changes in your life too give this book a try.

The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan *****

The Gratitude Diaries is one of the New York Times bestselling books. It details one woman’s efforts to keep her New Year’s resolution of being more grateful and optimistic. Writer Janice Kaplan, a journalist and the former Editor-in-Chief of Parade magazine, made a resolution for an upcoming year and started digging to keep it that way to transform some rea deal in her life. She had done academic research and gathered evidence-based findings in with her own personal journey for readers to know they give a must give a shot to gratitude. Giving is a form of gratitude that upholds the essence of life. Simply reading this book will give you a broader perspective on gratitude.