Visiting Baseer’s ‘An Eloquent Mind’

Visiting Baseer's: An Eloquent Mind
Visiting Baseer's: An Eloquent Mind

With the COVID restrictions in place, there are not many activities open to enjoy around Dhaka. But if you are an art enthusiast, stuck at home with no plans for the weekend, head over to Baseer’s art Exhibition at Bengal Shilpalay. Anika khan reports why this exhibition should not be missed out!

Murtaja Baseer ( 1932-2020)

Bengal Shilpalay is exhibiting the works of one of the most influential artists of Bangladesh, Murtaja Baseer. Born in 1932, Baseer paved his way in being a leading figure in Bangladesh art by producing series dedicating to the martyrs of the Liberation War. He was actively involved in left politics all throughout his life and was also a poet, novelist, researcher, filmmaker, and numismatic.

Lucid Figurative and tender portraits by Baseer

Murtaja Baseer had an extravagant career as an artist whose work spanned more than seven decades. Ranging from visceral abstracts and lucid figurative to murals and portraits this exhibition is the showcase of his best works and a tribute to this monumental artist whom we have recently lost.

WINGS series (Magnified details of the wings of Butterflies)

His work is heavily influenced by pre-renaissance painters likes Cimbue, Duccio, and Giotto, the styles that he picked up over his time in Florence and Paris. In the series, Wings (Magnified details of the wings of butterflies) he used abstract realism, blended with expressionism to create his masterpieces.

Baseer was a self-critic

Some of his works explored the theme of ‘Transparencism’ where he painted his relationship between appearance and the reality. Whereas some of his work explored self-criticism. His endless capacity to explore, deep interest in portraying the history, and his influence on modern art were quite evident through his works displayed in the exhibition.

Furthermore, the exhibition has taken strict measure to abide by the COVID rules. With an amazing outdoor ambiance, food canteen, libraries and live music, Bengal Shilpalay is the perfect escape to enjoy your weekend afternoons with closed ones.

>Until Jan 2021

Where > Bengal Shilpalay, Dhanmondi 27

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