Virtual Resistance: Black Lives Matter Goes Online as Thais Hold Zoom Demonstration

online protest

In Bangkok on Sunday 7 June, 300 Thais and other protestors in Thailand joined an online protest against racism, adding their voices to global calls for justice following the death of George Floyd last month. Tara Pilkington brings you the latest.

With coronavirus restrictions still in place for many countries across the world, protesters took to the digital stage with ‘I Can’t Breathe’ messages on their arms and placards gathered for an online demonstration on the video-meeting platform Zoom, to emphasize the call in Thailand as they watched the video clip of Floyd’s last moments.

28-year old Natalie Bin Narkprasert, one of the event organisers, said: “I’ve lived in three continents now. I have best friends who are from the African community, who are also black Americans, and … you see a stark contrast in how they are treated,”

She added: “Everyone has hopes, everyone has dreams, everyone bleeds red, you know, It’s crazy that they still have this in 2020 when in 1963, that was when Martin Luther King did his freedom speech.”

The group also observed 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence – the period that Floyd was filmed pinned under a white officer’s knee.