Vigil by Nelson Mandela Statue is Held To Commemorate George Floyds Funeral

On 10 June, anti-racists commemorated George Floyd’s funeral with a symbolic vigil at Nelson Mandela’s statue in London’s Parliament Square. Tara Pilkington reports.

Stand Up To Racism, SUTR, has said it was organising to turn the latest wave of anger against racism and injustice into an effective movement for change and ensure that the momentum for justice remains.

Co-convener Weyman Bennett said: “The world mourns and calls out for justice. Humanity can only free itself from the shackles of racism if it breaks the chains of injustice.”

Co-convener Sabby Dhalu said: “The uprising of black communities and others against racism since Floyd was killed must lead to transformation against racial discrimination. We demand justice.”

SUTR is calling on supporters to “take the knee” in a weekly action at 6pm every Wednesday.

Take a look at Wednesdays demonstration below: