Video of Last Survivor of Amazon Tribe Released

A Remarkable footage of the last survivor of Brazilian Amazon tribe, known as ‘the indigenous man in the hole’,has emerged. This man has lived alone for 22 year after his other tribesmen were killed in 1995.
He is seen half naked and and swinging an axe vigorously as he fells a tree. He is thought to to be in his 50s and lives in his homemade hut made of trees. This footage is captured by Government officials in the Brazilian state of Rondonia.
“He is very well, hunting, maintaining some plantations of papaya, corn,” said Altair Algayer, a regional coordinator for the Brazilian government indigenous agency Funai in the Amazon state of Rondônia, who was with the team who filmed the footage from a distance. “He has good health and a good physical shape doing all those exercises.”
Experts first discovered him in the jungle in 1996. Funai, Brazil’s governmental agency for indigenous affairs, has strict rules that limit interaction with isolated and uncontacted tribesmen, so they do not know what his real name is or that of his original group.
Fiona Watson, the research and advocacy director of Survival International, a non-profit group that works to protect indigenous peoples, described the footage as “extraordinary” given that the 8,070 hectares of protected forest the man lives in is completely surrounded by ranches and farms.
“Funai has a duty to show that he is well and alive,” she said. “The crucial thing is Funai has managed to keep his territory.”
“The irony is we are finding out there are more of these isolated people than we thought. But it’s also worrying that their cover is being blown,” said Watson.
>Juthy Saha