US 2020 Election: Latest from WhatsOn

Us election Updates from WhatsOn
US election Updates from WhatsOn

Joe Biden pushes closer to Victory with 264 wins of the 270 electoral college votes with Trump behind with 214 electoral votes so far.

Here are the latest updates on the election:

  • Joe Biden said its a clear win for them while Trump threatens to fight for a bitter legal battle.
  • Hundreds of Protestors and progressive groups have come down the streets in various states.
  • Trump supporters have gathered at the vote-counting center, some with arms in Phoenix and Detroit.
  • Trumps campaign has requested to recount the votes in Wisconsin.
  • In order for Trump to win, he needs to win in all the remaining states of Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania by 57 votes. Which seems unlikely at this point.
  • Millions of votes are still being counted as we read this.
  • Organizations have regarded the race as still too close to make an official call.

The world waits with patience to hear Joe Biden elected as the new president of the USA.