Bones UK
Bones UK

Artist: Bones UK
Laced with an atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife this unplugged EP drips class. It’s a measure of the quality of song writing that the penmanship is only enhanced with the music stripped back. You can often get goosebump moments on a song but here you get them all the way through thanks mostly to the beautifully haunting vocals. There are no frills on Unplugged, there’s no showy guitar work and no flamboyant singing.
This is music at its purest. It’s simple yet because it is so well constructed it speaks in a way that so much else fails to. The lyrics still retain their bite even with the emphasis shifting a little. It’s a starkly rendered set that shows the band off at their very best. Bones UK as their name implies moved from the UK to the US a few years back and have been gathering momentum ever since. You can only hope that the often touted special relationship includes the arts because we’d quite like this fantastic combo back please, even if for just a tour. Bones UK are flying the flag for music everywhere.
Rating: *****
> Gary Trueman