Towfique Ahmed: Bangladeshi rapper, lawyer, and a teacher

Towfique Ahmed, the mastermind or can say jack of all trades who is doing many things at once as a rapper, lawyer, and a teacher. 

WhatsOn editor Iffat Ara Munia catches up with Towfique Ahmed. Talks about his dreams, starting of the career, and responsibility towards society. 

Towfique Ahmed started to learn music from his childhood. During his childhood, his family enrolled him in various schools that specialized in acting, poetry recitation, and music. With showing gratitude towards family Towfique said, “I didn’t like the whole process at first, but now I realize the contribution of those experiences towards who I am today.”

“My admiration and interest for rap came out of the blue when I moved to the UK to study Law. I used to listen to Eminem’s music and write songs while working night shifts to make ends meet. I found that ridiculously enjoyable as I was able to relate to Eminem’s journey and felt as though my own 8 Mile was in the works!”

During pandemic time Towfique Ahmed released four songs with music videos. He said, “pandemic claimed a lot of lives and also causes disastrous but in my case it brought some good things as I got chance to make some songs, get enough time to create music videos so pandemic time was not so bad for me at all.” 

When we asked him do you think your lyrics created any impact on the society? Towfique said, “Yes, and I’m extremely proud of that. Social media platforms deserve the credit for allowing me to receive feedback from my audience. Some of them reached out to me and told me how listening to my tracks when preparing for their exams helped them. Some of them shared that my songs helped them during hardships. This sort of feedbacks truly inspires me a lot.”

Towfique channeled his rage into songs such as ‘Protisshruti’, ‘Bidrohi’ and ‘Khepa Gaan’.

Nevertheless, Towfique also spoke up about some lacking side of the rapping.  He said, “there is a clear lack of sponsors. In our country, companies rarely sponsor audio or video rap songs, despite the fact that this is a common practice around the world. our industry is currently not in a position where a rapper can make ends meet solely through rap music.”

“Besides this, in general there is a lack of transparency and accountability when it comes to sharing royalty.”

“For that I would request fellow rappers, before coming this profession you also have to find an alternatives which would enable to make money to feed your family,” Towfique continued with sadness. 

Towfique Ahmed is also involved with some charity and he urged his audience if any of organizations want him to song for them he would surely love to join them to entertain. He said, it would be an honor to perform for them and I would love to this.

In terms of his future plans, he has stated that he hopes to release a solo album by the end of this year or the next year for sure. 

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