Top Trans Designers in Fashion Industry

Trans people are becoming more creative and active in the fashion world. Some fashion designers have become world-famous and most of the celebrities choose their designs not only for everyday purposes but also for joining the festivals like Oscars and Grammy Awards. Some Trans designers got awards for their outstanding creations in the fashion world
Let’s know who they are and why you should support them:

NO SESSO by Pierre Davis

Pierre Davis made history by becoming the first transgender designer to show at New York Fashion Week in 2019. NO SESSO, translated from Italian to English, means “no sex/no gender.” Her brand has amassed a huge following in LA and has even been worn by celebrities like Doja Cat and Tinashe. She hoped that No Sesso would “inspire people to be more community-minded and to realize not everything is just about aesthetics or commerce. It’s also about humanity.” Their Collection is a dash of Fall colors like gold, orange, brown, teal, and many more that truly scream “empowerment.”

Awarewolf by Landon Reed

This brand was founded by Landon Reed, who in 2015 needed a boost in finances to accomplish his goal of obtaining top surgery. Long after his surgery, Reed continued to grow and expand his business with artist Don Leon. Landon had a vision of an LGBTQIA+ owned and operated clothing company. Since then, Landon’s vision has transformed our small company into a unique, one-of-a-kind brand that our customers have been flocking to since its inception in 2015.

NEEWIN by Nghi Nguyen

Neewin is among a few trans fashion designers that sell masks along with his clothing. This brand is very recent, having only popped up near the end of 2019, and is mainly focused on womenswear for ages 18-40. His clothing is also pretty affordable and stylish. They range from sweaters to jackets to crop tops. Nguyen incorporates a lot of light, almost pastel colors in these tops. He also sells jumpsuits and dresses that range from velvet to leather to beautiful metallic gold and beige.

FLAVNT Streetwear by Chris Rhodes

Trans-man Chris Rhodes and his identical twin sister, Courtney Rhodes, are co-owners of FLAVNT Streetwear, an all-inclusive streetwear company. Their message and philosophy for FLAVNT are simple and straight to the point. They promote self-love and self-confidence, as well as create clothing that shows that you’re not afraid of flaunting yourself to the world. It’s built on a foundation of love and positivity that aims to support and give back to the LGBT+ community through their designs and actions.

Diego Montoya

Born in Peru but now based in New York, Diego Montoya has spawned several iconic looks for Rupaul’s Drag Race queens. He has dressed drag queen and actor, Shangela for her Oscar’s debut and several other prominent members of the drag scene. He works closely with his clients, stating. In regards to working with drag queens, Montoya said, “I love working in this realm because it is all based on fantasy. We can be anything.”